#6 Best Arab TV shows for language learners in 2021

For people who are interested in learning Arabic without having to attend a school or putting too much effort into it, there is a way they can do that. It entails watching some of the best Arab TV shows with English subtitles or whatever subtitles you would like depending on your primary language. This way, you will pick up the perfect pronunciation of the everyday words and their meaning with expression or the scenes these are narrated in. If you are interested in learning Arabic this way, then there some extreme Arab TV shows online for you that might do the trick. So, without further ado, let’s get right into these Arabic series;

Best Arab TV Shows to Learn Language

#1. Khawatir

This show is all about leaving your family and home to travel the world; if you want to learn the Arabic language, then nothing can be more suited for that than watching an Arabic show that takes you on a world tour. The host of the show is an Arabic man who tries to interpret the cultures of the world with that of the Arabic countries and speaks in Gulf Arabic, which is pretty easy to understand in all of Arab. This is a great Arabic series with English subtitles as not only do you come to understand a lot about Arabic culture but language as well.

#2. Master Chef Morocco

This might seem a little off the charts, but Master Chef Morocco is a fine show to watch if you are interested in cooking and learning more about Arabic cuisine. The show takes place in Morocco, and all of the participants are Arab too, which makes it a delight for the language learners. You will get to learn all about Arabian cooking and its wondrous cuisines.

#3. The Victorious

This is a live soccer competition show that hosts different players from around the world: Arabic speaking, and the competition takes place in Dubai. The outstanding price is $100k for the winning team; the very upside of this show is it is offered in multiple subtitles so you can choose the ones that fit your appetite and get on binge-watching some fierce sports competition while having a taste of the Arabic language.

#4. Amouddou

It means ‘voyage’ in English and is a classic documentary about traveling which is produced by the first Moroccan TV channel Al Aoula. Hassan Boufous is an amazing Arabic commentator and TV host, adding a hinge of his craftiness and artistic approach to the show, you will learn a great deal about nature in Morocco, but the show is recommended to the advanced Arabic learners. 

#5. Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a Moroccan Arabic TV Drama that unravels in the mystic nature of the world as contestants, singers, actors, and athletes from all over Morocco are engaged in raising money for Moroccan associations by finding keys to the treasured chests. It is a thrilling ride taking the contestants into all sorts of trouble and adventurous elements, a great show to learn about the Arabic language. 

#6. Arabs got talent

Just like America got talent and Britain got talents, Arabs got talent fixates on various elements of life as contestants from all over the Arabic countries participate to show their talent. You have got dancers, singers, magicians and people who have acrobatic talents. This show is a must if you want to pass your time but at the same time come to learn a lot about Arabic culture and language.    




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