Best Dishes from the Arabic cuisine that you should be trying right now in 2021

When it comes to the Arabic cuisine recipes, most non-Arabs are skeptical of trying these out as they think these might be over-spiced and not up to their mark, but that is a completely wrong thought process. Arabic dishes are not overly spiced as some of the Indian dishes might be. Still, there does exist a reference or kind of influence of the Arabic cuisine on Indian dishes due to the use of some similar spices and cooking techniques. Still, in reference, both are completely different cuisines. In the Arabic cuisine history, there have been only minute overall changes; the use of spices and specified techniques almost remains the same to date. Anyway, if you are interested in finding out some of the best Arabic dishes there are give a little indulgence to the text as follows;

Best Dishes from Arabic Cuisine

#1. Khubz

This is a type of Arabic bread but the one that is flat and is just like the pita that you will find in any region wherever you go. It is classically baked inside a tanner that is a big clay stamped container lit with coals or wood; the bread is baked to perfection and then garnished with a few fresh herbs. You can enjoy this bread with either hummus or grilled meats, and the mellowness of the bread is verily tantalizing; it melts in your mouth.

#2. Kefta

Kefta is a traditional Arabic dish that consists of either ground beef or lamb that is mixed with all sorts of spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, minced garlic and ginger, onion, and even with some fresh parsley. The grounded and perfectly homogenized mixture is then sculptured into small balls or oval-shaped elongations and is then grilled over coals until sufficiently brown and, in the end, is served with a mint yogurt mix or some other sauce. Some people like to dash their kefta with a Middle Eastern spice mix at the end just to add a little more kick to it.

3. Tahini

This incredible Arabic dish is made from sesame seeds as these are hulled, toasted, and then grounded into a fine paste. It is used as a side appetizer in all of the Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is used as a condiment that goes into a lot of your Arabic-influenced dishes, such as the dips like babaganoush and hummus; it is even used in some types of halva to add a little punch to it.   

#4. Kunafeh

When talking about the Arabic sweets, the Kunafeh would definitely be at the top. It is a kind of dessert that looks like a cheesecake but, in literal terms, is far from it due to the change of texture in the case of Kunafeh. The main ingredients are the semolina dough and noodle-like phyllo pastry. The internal stuffing is of white cheese, such as the Nablus. The outer texture is crunchy and is soaked in sweet syrup. It is an extremely sweet confection that is very popular in all Arab.



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