#4 Famous sports in Arabic countries in 2021

If you are wondering what sports are played in Arabic countries, you have come to the right place. The Arab world is not only known for its fundamental cultural and traditional exhibit, but food and sports are also some of the defining factors here. There are a bunch of famous Arabic sports that are played in a variety of countries, and the best thing is that a sense of diversity exists here, which means that unlike Europe, which only favors football, or in America where basketball and baseball are more important sports, Arab countries bring you a wild diversity among the sports that they play. So, without further ado following are some of the sports that are being played in Arabic countries;

#4 Best Famous Sports in Arabic Countries

#1. Football

Football remains the number one sport that is played globally, and that consensus adds up when you take a look at the countries playing and favoring this sport, and the Arab world is no different. You will find throughout the Arab world that there are a variety of leagues and clubs around football; the most important ones can be found in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, and even Egypt. Some of these countries have already been to the world cup, while others have been qualified once or twice. Many international football players playing in a variety of leagues and clubs are Arab.

#2. Cricket

Cricket remains another great sport that is played and equally loved in plenty of Arab countries; some of these are Jordan, Morocco, and UAE. Most of the cricket matches take place in the UAE, which explains a close affiliation of the Arab countries with Cricket. Many of the Arab city schools’ sports options include cricket right among a variety of other sports to give children a chance to showcase their talent and interest. 

#3. Horse racing

It shouldn’t come out as a brainer that most of the Arab world is fond of horses as their extensive breeding takes place on Arab lands, and those who can afford it will even import horses from other countries. Horse racing is more than a sport; it is a way for the Arabs to rejoice and connect with others, business deals are done at horse races, and people from far away come to specifically see Arab horses taking a shine at one of the horse races.  

#4. Camel racing

Right among the horse racing, camel racing is another raging sport that Arabs take a keen interest in. Either due to the geography and the traditional values in the Arab land, people raise camels, and they are fascinated by them. Most of the Arab world is connected with desert either one way or the other, so camel racing has emerged as a great spot as the camel is known as the ship of the desert because it journeys well when no other vehicle can. The popularity of the sport has made it a great focus of the Arab sports news as there are even events that are covered by Arab sports live transmissions. The sport is continually thriving, and more improvements are inbound every passing day. 

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