Why Turkish dramas are a hit in the Arab world?

When it comes to the Turkish drama, they have an amazing audience worldwide and are true for the existing, already aired, and new Turkish dramas that are about to make a debut. According to an estimate, about 250 million viewers of the Turkish TV series and about 85 million of them are in Arab countries. 

There are a lot of Turkish dramas in Arab, and a lot more are being aired consistently, but those that have a closer link with the Muslim Tradition and history are a little more popular such as the Ottoman Empire and the Ertrugrul are the most famous in the Arab world. If you are interested in the reasons or why is it so, then the following reasons might be able to get you to speed;

Why Turkey Dramas are Famous in Arab Countries?

#1. Quality productions

The very first reason why the Turkish dramas are extremely popular in Arab is because of their quality productions when it comes to the detailing and the direction; you might not be able to find any lingering flaws in it at all. From the location to the costume of the characters, everything is in order from top to bottom, and this puts out an appealing case for the audience around the world. Even the most popular Turkish drama of all time, Ertrugrul, was filmed in lands that are either identical or closely matching to the accurate history that the show depicts, from the costumes to the horses and even the weapons everything is on the spot.

#2. Charismatic characters

Another reason why these dramas are an absolute hit in the Arab world is due to the actors’ selection. Everyone selected for a dynamic role perfectly fits the description and all the nitty-gritty details of the character. It becomes hard for the audience to differentiate if the person is acting or they are like that in real life too, and that is the beauty of the TV drama, to make you catch the very essence or liveliness in it. You might have skipped a TV series or drama altogether if you got the hint that the main characters and their actors don’t match in any aspect, but in the case of the Turkish dramas, it is highly unlikely.

#3. Cultural similarity

The most obvious reason, however, remains the cultural similarity that the Turkish dramas have with the Arab people. Due to sharing the same cultural and traditional background as in the Arab world, the Arab audiences feel compelled to go over their favorite dramas as it binds them in the sense of likeness and similarity. That is the very beauty of it. The acting, on the other hand, is also over the top; you won’t even feel any kind of hollowness or missing the chemistry between main characters; this is what makes the Turkish dramas an absolute treat not only for the Arab but the regular audience as well. You should check the latest and Best Turkish drama 2021 so you are never out of the promising content to watch.








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